Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just to assure those moms out there we found the camp ground and had a nice night of sleep. It was a joke of an operation that took too much of our money. But we did meet a nice German man named Manfred who will let us stay with him in his home town of Oxberg, some 60K out of Munich/Oktoberfest later in the trip. We always seem to find the people we need to find. Tonight we get the local's tour of the night life of Belgrade. This is a town that seems to come alive when the sun descends. Who knows what it will actually look but it might just happen that we don't get back to Belgrade soon. So why we are here we must get the view. We have decided on a hostel for the night and are working on what will be the next step. I really just wanted to take this moment to upload some more pictures. And for everybody following the blog and not posting comments...we are waiting ;) Will write from Bosnia. Much love.

Friday, August 28, 2009

This is Serbia, 'Anything is Possible'

Well, we have made across the Serbian boarder a few days ago and it has been hot. Probably somewhere in the 90s but it doesn't really matter because we have to keep riding in order to get out of this country. It is not really that bad but the most third world like yet. The commons sights so far have been corn fields, dead animal carcasses, and 18wheelers passing closely at high rates of speeds. We are constantly passing burning heaps of organic debris and trash we scents and defuses the light nicely.

We arrived in Belgrade this afternoon after the scariest ride so far. It seems like a pretty wild place although we are not sure how long we will stay to enjoy it. We are working out somewhere to stay and may have to keep riding until we find camping. The map says there is camping in the area but our map, it turns out, is shit. Brett is on the phone right now working it out. Keep those fingers crossed yall.

We did meet a very helpful man named Zlatko. He approached us in the small town of Coka as we were looking at our map in front of his shop. He was the only person in this village of 4 thousand that spoke English. Lucky us. We told him we were Canadian because apparently only half of Serbians like Americans. We are not sure which ones. So until we get to Croatia we are from Vancuver, BC. Zlatko also proved to be the local hair stylist. This was also fortunate as we had been looking for shaves for a few days. Our favorite quote of his was, 'This is Serbia, Anything is Possible.' So an hour later we were so fresh and clean and looking for that ever elusive camping site.

We are considering taking a train to Sarajevo to expedite our arrival at the coast. We are greasy and anxious to swim in that salty Adriatic. The Canadian, Alex, that Brett just started talking to informed us that is that it would be no problem. He is vacationing with his family over here and just so happens to be at the same internet cafe. He told us to try and stay here in Belgrade for a few nights if possible because it is great. We will try. Maybe another hostel.

Well, I only purchased an hour of time and I am waiting for the not so pleasant lab attendant to start yelling at me. That kind of seems to be the method. If they are not yelling it must be okay. Hope everybody is well. Until the next time.

Steven and Brett

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Its about to be 9oclock and Brett is helping Ivan and his Mom take books off the shelf and put them in boxes. The shelf almost fell off the apartment wall last night and we have to do this before we go out dancing tonight. We are meeting up with a coulple of girls we met at the bar last night for a local drink called Palinka. It is pure alcohol infused with fruit of your choice. Needless to say we are right on track. We have been Budapest for 2 nights now and are staying with Ivan, another couch surfing friend, who is showing Budapest by bikes messenger style. We are showing him some of that Budapest nightlife he lives so close to. But lets back up. Its been awhile and an entire country since we last checked in. Slovakia was amazing. As South Poland fades into Slovakia the mountains punch out the earth and the sun gets hot. We rode some hard days and fell into some pretty funny circumstances and steep hills as we lost our way. Slovakia had us sleeping in school parking lots, lovely mountain meadows, a bus stop, and other little coves here and there. North Slovakia has the mountains and the tourists while the South has projects and frowns. We were happy to cross the Hungarian boarder as things started looking up. The woman look better and the restaurants are more easily identifiable.

We will be on our way south toward Serbia as soon as we get new maps and start pedaling. That makes our stay here in Budapest at 4 days. That is not nearly long enough as we have just started to get acquainted with the locals. We were able to play some bike polo and this was amazing. They play on hard courts with boards but everything else is about the same including the laughter and drinking. Brett and I represented the states like some true blooded players making passes and scoring points.

There is so much to tell and this blog does very little justice to the experience we are having. There is so much to tell and so little space to do it. Do know that Brett and I are getting along swimmingly and continually laughing at our inside jokes and shared experience. We are constantly put in situations that illuminate how good and how crazy we have it in the States. It seems so long that we have been away. Each day is an eternity of memories.

It is nice though being able to share a bit with all yall back home. Thanks for staying in touch and posting those comments. We miss you all. Until next time. Much love, Steven and Brett. (and for Kelsey, Ace and Gary)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lets just start with some pictures

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hello from Slovakia! Unfortunatly this post will be without images. Brett and I can barely figure out how to use the keyboards and I am afriad that loading pictures may cause the citys power grid to crash. Look at these letters or symbols we now have to navigate. § ň ú ä ľ š č ť ž ý Needless to say we are already missing the Polish we spoke so badly. We have finally reached the mountains and are currently in the mountain town of Lipt. Mikuláš. We are eating anything and everything and our new mosquito tent, made in the last Polish town we stayed in in fact, is allowing us to get our beauty rest. We are trying to find someone to host us in Budapest via So far we have been taken care of very well primarily by our hosts mother who they still live with. The families are much tighter knit. We ride anywhere from 5 to 8 hours a day. These numbers are decreasing as the road grade percentage is increasing. Holy shit was that road today was steep. This whole country seems to be a vast mountain range. Brett thinks we can cross it in 3 days. I think five. Regardless our legs will look like redwoods and our skin like bronze. We must prepare for the beaches of Croatia. We only need those speedos...or do we-a question mark goes here but i dont know how to make it go. Much love from Europe. Thanks for the posts. It is great to hear from everybody. Steve and Brett

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Okay, some more. Krakow is amazing. We arrived in the hardest rain I have ever riden in. We were crossing the city in order to get to our new friend Alina's house(thank you CouchSurfer) and took on much water. We worked it out after 1 crash (Brett) and getting lost as shit. We were only 1.5 hours late. This city remains much more intact than Warsaw after the 2nd World War. Very vibrant, young and full of spirit. Everyone should visit here. Many amazing clubs and pubs all existing in ancient basements with original brick and mold and style. The beer is cheep and delicious. Today we visited Auschwitz and it was amazing. We are very tired and dumbstruck with the evilness that was the third riech. The Polish people were almost erased from history. We are staying with our second couch surfing family and we owe them big. Much vodka, laughing and body language is bridging the massive barriers that exist between us. Alina, the daughter of Vesha and Janosh, speaks English very well and has been a splendid tour guide. She has helped us with our language and finding of better maps. Our current maps have us on major roads that are full of insane Polish drivers. The country roads are favorable. Hopefully the rain of the last 3 days will end tomorrow and we head South for the mountains of Slovakia. A new lauguage and customs to master upon arrival. No problem for Brett and Steven. There is so much more and I know you want stories and detail but this must be all for now. I seem to always be tired and hungry but feel great and lucky to be doing exactly what I wish. Thanks everybody for checking it out. Please post comments for it warms us to hear your words. Best wishes. Steven and Brett.
(PhotoContext. top. A image from the longest consectutive graffiti wall in the world-Warsaw, below Brett as New Art, Presidential Palace, Warsaw)

Hello from Krakow. So sorry it has taken some days to write but Brett and I have been busy traversing the countryside. The riding has been flat and the weather spectacular. Wow! Where to begin? The days go quickly but it seems like we have been here a long time. Our polish is slowly improving and we now know how to ask, "Can we please set up our tent on your land?" Previous to this we have found accomadations in an orchard and a church yard. The mosquitos are horrific.
We have been forced by consectutive nights of bad sleep to buy a mosquito netting tent. So it goes. We spent our time riding, drinking polish-redbull(tiger-GET THE ENERGY BACK!), and generally snacking our way accross this fair country. We have met many locals including Robert, a Polish road cyclist, who road for 30Kl with us providing the better route. Instead of bridges there are ferries and many of them. Luckily they are cheap and provide intertainment.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Siren of Warsaw and her boyz.

Abandoned villa in Konstancin-Jeziorna anybody?

Report from Warsaw

This is Kolan, Brett, and Aga. Na zdrowie (cheers) from the heartland! We are here and loving it. The first two days have been a smashing success. We arrived at the airport, assembled our bikes and rode to our first destination about 15 miles away. Our new friends Aga and her her parents Marek and Ela are wonderful hosts and lovely people. We could not have arrived in better hands. We have spent the day touring Warsaw with Aga who is an student of architecture and knows everything about the infastructure of this war-torn city. What a guide! Anna would love this. We spent the rest of the day drinking delicious pilsner (Tyskie, from Poland) and terrible coffee near the city center. We have learned many lessons of the customs of Eastern Europe. #1 Do not wear football apparel of any nation unless you want to fight! #2 Do not ask any lady her foot size no matter what the context! More lessons to come... Things here are great. We are having a riot. We'll let you know more as soon as we are on the road.