Friday, August 28, 2009

This is Serbia, 'Anything is Possible'

Well, we have made across the Serbian boarder a few days ago and it has been hot. Probably somewhere in the 90s but it doesn't really matter because we have to keep riding in order to get out of this country. It is not really that bad but the most third world like yet. The commons sights so far have been corn fields, dead animal carcasses, and 18wheelers passing closely at high rates of speeds. We are constantly passing burning heaps of organic debris and trash we scents and defuses the light nicely.

We arrived in Belgrade this afternoon after the scariest ride so far. It seems like a pretty wild place although we are not sure how long we will stay to enjoy it. We are working out somewhere to stay and may have to keep riding until we find camping. The map says there is camping in the area but our map, it turns out, is shit. Brett is on the phone right now working it out. Keep those fingers crossed yall.

We did meet a very helpful man named Zlatko. He approached us in the small town of Coka as we were looking at our map in front of his shop. He was the only person in this village of 4 thousand that spoke English. Lucky us. We told him we were Canadian because apparently only half of Serbians like Americans. We are not sure which ones. So until we get to Croatia we are from Vancuver, BC. Zlatko also proved to be the local hair stylist. This was also fortunate as we had been looking for shaves for a few days. Our favorite quote of his was, 'This is Serbia, Anything is Possible.' So an hour later we were so fresh and clean and looking for that ever elusive camping site.

We are considering taking a train to Sarajevo to expedite our arrival at the coast. We are greasy and anxious to swim in that salty Adriatic. The Canadian, Alex, that Brett just started talking to informed us that is that it would be no problem. He is vacationing with his family over here and just so happens to be at the same internet cafe. He told us to try and stay here in Belgrade for a few nights if possible because it is great. We will try. Maybe another hostel.

Well, I only purchased an hour of time and I am waiting for the not so pleasant lab attendant to start yelling at me. That kind of seems to be the method. If they are not yelling it must be okay. Hope everybody is well. Until the next time.

Steven and Brett


  1. Oh my god! This sounds rather frightening to your mother (Steven)! I do have faith that the two of you will sort it out and make wise choices; I can only imagine the stories that you are NOT telling us! Again, be safe. And continue to have a great trip. We love you lots. Mackenzi from Michigan

  2. Hi Steve
    I hope I am doing this right!! First time blogger. I love reading your comments and feel like I am there some of the time, actually wishing I was. Maybe not doing exactly what you are doing, because i know I couldn't keep up with you guys. I do want to see those legs!!! Glad you are having such a great time. Be careful
    Aunt Sue

  3. Oh my!!! Get out of Serbia!! I know you'll be fine, but a mom will worry, for sure. As Mackenzi says, I'm sure there are more stories!! Vancouver seems like a nice choice ;). Hope you found somewhere to stay that's a little cooler than 90. Your arms look tans and muscular-hope you're not losing much weight.Stay safe, post soon,love you much! Mom

  4. So much wisdom on this page "get out of Serbia"- you know 18 wheelers and dead animals – a coincidence- I think not.

    And yes, Aunt Sue, lets see some leg shots boys- and I’m sure the tans lines are hot as well! Unless- you took your short shorts Steve :)

    The leaves are starting to change in the mountains and nights are cooling down to perfect sleeping conditions. But Bend still misses you boys. xoxo