Thursday, August 13, 2009

(PhotoContext. top. A image from the longest consectutive graffiti wall in the world-Warsaw, below Brett as New Art, Presidential Palace, Warsaw)

Hello from Krakow. So sorry it has taken some days to write but Brett and I have been busy traversing the countryside. The riding has been flat and the weather spectacular. Wow! Where to begin? The days go quickly but it seems like we have been here a long time. Our polish is slowly improving and we now know how to ask, "Can we please set up our tent on your land?" Previous to this we have found accomadations in an orchard and a church yard. The mosquitos are horrific.
We have been forced by consectutive nights of bad sleep to buy a mosquito netting tent. So it goes. We spent our time riding, drinking polish-redbull(tiger-GET THE ENERGY BACK!), and generally snacking our way accross this fair country. We have met many locals including Robert, a Polish road cyclist, who road for 30Kl with us providing the better route. Instead of bridges there are ferries and many of them. Luckily they are cheap and provide intertainment.

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  1. love it! awesome what you two are doing! i wish i was that brave! Can't wait for the next email/update - i check everyday so keep them coming! Have fun and stay safe! Goodnight moon! love you! carey