Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Route, Maybe.

Pull out those maps printed post 1990 and check out our theoretical route. Our destinations are based on drunken nights of gazing at a map of Europe, inspired by fantasy, fascination, and unsubstantiated folk lore. From Warsaw we head South to Krakow. Onward through Slovakia toward Budapest. Then we'll bank hard left and cross into Romania were we are going to track down a renovated castle that's now a sanatorium in the Transivanian Alps. Then South again into Belgrade,Serbia and Sarajevo, Bosnia. Then it's time to kick it on the Adriatic Coast and work on our tans. Dubrovnik, Croatia is our Southern destination. From there it's hard to know. Maybe up the Croatian Coast. Maybe, depending on finances, a boat ride to Italy and North from there. Only time will tell. 6 days and counting! Be well, happy trails.

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  1. Super excited for you my friend! I look forward to hearing about all of your adventures and keeping in touch while you live the dream.